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Grab your BFF, grab your husband, grab your wife. Get coached together. Share the cost of coaching! All my coaching packages are 2 for 1 until space fills up! I have limited availability and this is a never done before promo! Space will run out – so get booked in my calendar now. Share the cost of health with someone you love, you don’t have to do anything alone (of course unless you want to…and if that’s the case I’ll still work with you!) Email me now at to reserve your space!

Evolving You: Your transformation journey begins here.

My program is one of a kind, just like you.

Creating a balanced life is the goal right? But where the hell do we start? We’re so busy, we’re juggling so much. Not to mention, it’s over-fucking-whelming!  This is where I step in. I am trained to help you identify your obstacles, sort through the things that are weighing you down and prioritize the things that are most important for you to achieve the happier, healthier life you desire. 

YOU create the goals. WE create a plan. We crank it up or turn it down as much or as little as you need, want, or demand. We will look at relationships, nutrition, career, selfcare/spirituality and exercise and you decide where your life is most out of balance and/or unfulfilled and we work on those areas. Need a push, need some guidance to work on the areas that are uncomfortable or thought were ok? Then that’s what I’m here for. This program is truly Custom for You.

Evolving You Programs:

  • The Complete Wellness Package – This 6-month option was created for clients who want to take serious action in their life. They are committed to their goal and want as much access as possible. This program provides amazing value and lasting results. I’ll hold your hand the entire way, and you’ll have as much access to me as you need. This package includes:
    • Two 50-minute accountability sessions per month
    • Session notes
    • Email support between sessions
    • Homework assignments to further your transformation
    • Discounts on all online and group programs
    • 1 month of email support post-program to help you transition
    • 1 30-minute check-in call post-program
    • Self-care goodies, treats & surprises!
  • The Fast Track Program – This 3-month option was created for clients who are just starting out on their health and wellness journey and are looking to take the next step. They’ve already achieved some goals, and they’re ready to ramp things up to the next level and reach new goals. This package includes, as with all packages, all of the knowledge I’ve gleaned from thousands of hours spent reading, researching, studying, and learning condensed into exactly what works to get you the results you want. This package includes:
    • A 50-minute accountability session once per week
    • Session notes
    • E-mail support between sessions
    • Homework assignments to further your transformation
    • Care packages with health and wellness treats

Program Break down:

  • In our first session we will scratch the surface, address your limiting beliefs and take a look at your current life status inside and out. We will review goals, implement your first steps in working toward them and give you your first homework assignment in alignment with your goals.
  • Rinse and Repeat – 12 Virtual accountability sessions. Here we will review previous session’s homework and build on that foundation with one or two new changes to implement to help you reach your goals. One new topic will be introduced each session. Topics can include:
    • Creating a positive mindset.
    • Identifying sources of inflammation and stress.
    • How to reduce your sugar cravings.
    • How to sustain your energy throughout the day.
    • Learn to read labels.
    • Self care practices.
    • And so much more!

*The Fast Track program can also be used as a maintenance program following the Complete Wellness Package, or it can be used as a transition program.

  • Sessions sold Separately – This is a great option for former clients who need a quick check-in for whatever reason: maybe a life circumstance came up, feeling more stressed then usual, experiencing overwhelm with balancing life – whatever. I’m here for you. This is also a great option for those who are moving along but have hit an obstacle and need a soundboard, a caring ear and maybe a little strategic thinking/devils advocate to get another perspective. Something to get you unstuck. – 1 hour (in person or virtual) $100.

In addition, my programs:

  • Are a customized solution just for you
  • Will identify clear goals towards a healthier, happier you
  • Will take small, sustainable steps to be successful
  • Will hold you accountable
  • Will give you unlimited Text and email support from me during your program
  • Will give you access to Personal Growth and Development Tools
  • Reading materials as determined
  • Recipes as determined
  • Additional resources as determined

Program Add Ons and Sold Seperately:

  • Pantry Makeover – You will clean out your pantry of bad, toxic, and processed foods and together we will create your own healthy shopping list. – 1 hour (in the Portland area) $45.
  • Grocery Store Tour – I will guide you around a local grocery store and educate you on labels, produce, and answer any questions you’ve had so you’re confident and comfortable shopping for your new lifestyle. – 1 hour (in the Portland area) $45.
  • Both for $75.

Areas of expertise:

  • Improving Asthma and Allergies
  • Eating grainfree
  • Killing your sugar addiction
  • Shifting mindset
  • Creating a balanced life even while yours is so busy
  • Time management
  • Eating healthy while traveling and on the go

I am currently offering a FREE 60 minute Health History review.  Let’s take a look at where you’re at, what you’ve been through and were you’d like to be and feel. I encourage you to accept my FREE time to YOUR health and happiness. If you’re interested in scheduling a FREE Health History consultation with me, or simply want to know more, please email me! I’d love to hear from you.With gratitude – Melissa