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I discovered years ago that what we eat DOES affect our skin, our mood, our weight. But what we put on our skin is just as detrimental to our health! Skin care, hair care (I’m talking to men too…beard oil, shave cream!), make-up, soap, body wash and lotions are chemical killers in disguise! Over the past few years building my health coaching business,  it dawned on me that I needed something to compliment my practice.  That is when Arbonne was introduced to me. It is a company that I can stand behind and whose ingredient policy is like no other. They are pure, safe, beneficial, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, botanical and so much more! I have to share this company because if you are a client of mine or a like minded individual, it is crucial that you know what you’re putting in and ON your body! Click here to discover the best for your skin, body and family.

Join my team.

I firmly believe that you can love the work you do and do the work you love. Which is why creating an asset income, on your terms, when you have the time is freedom. I am looking for like minded individuals who too are looking for freedom. Are you looking to create your own hours? Are you looking to leave your current job? Do you need just a few extra bucks per month? Or are you looking for a legacy: a will-able business, long-term financial freedom, retirement? Then look no further.  This business has changed thousands of lives, is changing my life, and can change yours. Email me FMI at or click here to read more.

You work when you want, how often you want, for how long you want. The choice is yours. 

It is possible. The sky is the limit. You only live THIS life once…get what you want out of it!