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Love animals? They are more then meets the eye.

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Love animals? They are more then meets the eye.

Do you dream about animals? Do you call yourself a bird lady? Do they seem to just “come to you”? Have you ever wondered why certain animals appear in your dreams during certain times of your life? Have you given it any thought as to what the hawk means staring down at you from the tree above?

Cultures (even our Native American Indians) for thousands of years looked to animals for guidance, and wisdom. Shamans from various cultures have relied on animals for centuries. How do animals survive? What is their special gift to thrive on this earth? If you really think about an animal, it’s easy to understand why we turn to them.  For example, the Eagle. We in America use it as a symbol of strength, leadership, forward thinking (for the Eagle has keen vision), etc… But each animal has something to offer us humans. Sometimes they come to us in our dreams to guide us, to let us know without us even being aware, that we need a certain something to get us through. A certain strength or characteristic to push us forward. A little insight to why things are, why we feel a certain way and how to move past what’s currently going on.

Have you ever been walking on a path and saw a chipmunk scurrying along then stop and look at you? Did you wonder what it was thinking? Why did it stop and look at you? Animals, and remember, we too are one, are energy based. We are light and energy just like them, but in a human body. So next time you see those deer on the side of the road, a snake cross your path or spiders in your dream, look in to it…as animal is there for you. Need guidance, then call on animal. Let me share you one of my “animal” experiences.

When it comes to spirit animals, I normally call upon them because I crave them, my mind, body, soul craves them. It’s a subconscious thing. I do it backwards sometimes because I have this great intuition with nature. Then I read up about them to figure out what it is in them I need right now.

So, I was on a ferry ride to Great Diamond Island the other day and I called on seal. I’ve taken a hundred boat rides on the ferry and I don’t always think of the seal…because normally it’s like, whatevs…what are the chances of seeing one.  I was just craving its majestic beauty to grace me. That was it, or so I thought.  Up pops seal. When it happened so quickly was when I knew I needed something seal had to offer.

I sort of let it go, I got back to Portland late that night and didn’t look up seal. Interestingly, seal came back to me the next night in my dream. My dream was so vivid. I was sitting in the back end of a small motor boat, sort of trolling along, slowly enough that I could drag my hand in the water. Seal came up to my hand, and playfully zigzagged back and forth enough so its whiskers tickled my hand. Then I looked back to see what it was and seal was rolling and spinning around sort of laughing at me. Seal was smirking! Doing circles, sideways and backwards. Seal was playing with me! It was so lucid, felt so real! Seals energy was calm, yet exciting. Playful yet knowing. Seal made me feel happy, confident and comfortable, optimistic and enthused.

So here, in just 2 days…seal, twice. Icing on the cake, get this. After my lucid dream of seal tickling my hand, I wake up, grab my phone, pull up my Instagram…and what is the very first picture I see? Yup, in NatGeo’s feed, seal.

Yup. Looking it up. Here’s what seal had in store for me.

For so many reasons seal is fitting for me right now. Taking on “firsts” and loving it. Being back in school, feeling more enthused with life and my future then ever. Just conquering my first year of sobriety and really starting to get to know myself, for what also seems like the first time. For listening to my gut when dealing with deeply rooted and important relationships. Seal gave me reassurance. Seal had my back. What animal has yours right now?

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