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Do yourself a favor and take care of you.

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Do yourself a favor and take care of you.

We’re too busy, we work too much. Have to run here, have to go there, etc..etc… I get it. The list goes on and on. We are in a constant battle with time. Too much to do . Too little time. Not enough hours in the day.

But how much time do we need? And if you had extra time…what would you do with it? How would that extra time serve you? For me, it’s exactly that….me. Finding ME time. I think every single one of us could use a little ME time. I mean, we want to slow down, we want to go for a walk, we want to garden, we want, we want, we want. But what are we doing to help ourselves find that time?

What it boiled down for me, to achieve more ME time, (which ultimately led to a full lifestyle change over time) was simply time management. We manage to plan dinner, plan going to the grocery store, plan to pick up the kids…well we simply need to plan ourselves in to our own day-to-day lives.

Even if it’s just 5 minutes a day. Even if those 5 minutes are found during your lunch break. Instead of working at your desk, you step outside just to take a few breaths of fresh air. If you could just give yourself 5 minutes every day. Maybe it’s before you start your day, before you completely come fully present, just lie there. Be still. Contemplate your day…and give yourself those quiet 5 minutes. Maybe it’s when you leave work, before you start your car. Just sit there, yes, in silence. Be still. Relax. Breathe.You deserve 5 minutes. You might find you even like these 5 minutes. You might like it so much you crave more. So I urge you, to put yourself in to your calendar. Pick a time, morning, noon or night…and repeat that event! I did this…and before I knew it, I had made time. And soon enough, 5 minutes became 10, 10 minutes became 15…

Remember this, you’re worth it. Life is short….don’t let time fly by you time and time again. Don’t let the what if’s and I couldn’ts. You can…the first time is the hardest and yet the most gratifying..because after doing it that first time, you’ll be thanking yourself forever, that you gave yourself just 5 minutes.

Time out. Take a breath. Do yourself a favor and take care of you.

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