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Farm to table food

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Farm to table food

May 19, 2015      In Nutrition By , No Comments

So there’s nothing more that I love then eating. Eating organic and buying local is my desired route to getting my groceries. By doing this I am helping the economy and farmers by buying local and I am taking a personal stance against big box corporations and a politically run health care system (Remember, food heals!).

Last year my boyfriend and I purchased 2 CSA’s (community supported agricultural) from two different farms. By doing so, all we had to do is go to the Portland Farmer’s Market once or twice a week to pick up what we wanted at the stands. Convenient and easy! For some reason over the course of the winter, I found that my schedule was keeping me from getting to the market! I know the farmer’s market is only on Saturday’s throughout the winter, but even as the spring/summer one kicks off. .. I’m still struggling to get to the market.

Then it happened. ..I discovered I could get organic, local fruits and vegetables from a variety of farms through Casco Bay Organics delivered to home or work!

Finding your busy life putting yourself in the same predicament? Sign up! Click here to get your organics shipped to you by Casco Bay Organics!

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