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How did I become a Health Coach? How this all started….

Not having been born with asthma, I could never understand how I got it or why I had it. All I knew was that it was extremely cumbersome to have growing up. I was always checking to make sure I had my inhaler. Friends and relatives constantly wondered if i was going to be ok if I spent the night with them. Could I even play sports? At a young age I couldn’t understand this thing called asthma. I was embarrassed to have to puff on this thing all the time, but I didn’t know what to do about it.

what am I allergic to? More like, what aren’t I allergic to?! From mold and dust to every type of grass and tree this side of the Mississippi and North of the Carolinas. Not to mention any type of domestic normal a child could want. I never let asthma win. We had dogs. We had cats. I kicked ass at soccer…but it wasn’t easy. I was hospitalized several times in my childhood and had recurring asthma attacks regularly. I dealt with nonstop sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes that no pill could relieve me from. So I simply sucked it up and succumbed to all the medications Western medicine had to offer me.

Fast forward 20 years. 2010 is my earliest recollection of me starting to take my health into my own hands. There has got to be another way. The nasal sprays only do so much. The allergy pills only last so long…and do I really need 2 inhales for the rest of my life?

Amen to Google. I started research “causes of asthma” and that’s when my life changed. I discovered this phrase, “Holistic Health” and that I could make some lifestyle and dietary changes that would improve my asthma and/or allergies. I had to give it a shot.

Fast forward another 8 years. It’s 2018 and I’m feeling the best ever. But it’s been challenging. I could remove all the dairy and all the gluten in the world, but I also had to stop drinking (I loved my Maine craft beers!) and I had to quit smoking (yes, pot too!) Once I was finally able to put the bottle down and squash the smoking…it was almost like the real work began. Without those polluting me on a daily basis, I could finally see and feel the damage I had done to my body. I had severe leaky gut from years of poor diet, from years of drinking and years of being on an oral steroidal inhaler for my asthma. Yes, you heard me. One of the inhalers I was prescribed was in fact making things worse. I essentially had been living in a constant state of candida overgrowth for almost 2 decades. My body felt like a human trash can.

Today I am grain free, mostly vegan, sober, alcohol and substance free, a non smoker of all things and am starting to finally ween myself off asthma and allergy medications!